Camasan works to identify and mitigate risks upfront. Our track record of success speaks for itself. Through each project we work on, we learn what works best and are able to apply that knowledge to future projects. With over twenty years of experience that adds up. One thing we know for sure is that the success of a project often depends on the people involved. Managing risks and managing people are key to project success. That’s why we surround ourselves with quality partnerships and we believe you should as well.

How we Help You Find the Right People for your Project

Without a good team in place, a project has less chance of being successful. Even with all of the planning in the world without the right people to execute a plan it can fall apart. This is why we offer help to fill those gaps when needed. If a project requires a certain skill or candidate that isn’t in place, we can help you find that individual.

​Camasan has partnered with a leading managed staffing services company to assist on projects that require individuals with a specific skill or talent. We can help you find candidates by:

  • Defining the need for the project and the type of skills required

  • Searching for candidates

  • Assisting in the interview and selection process

  • Assisting with on-boarding

By using a managed staff approach we can help you find the right people to get the job done right. ​

What is the difference between managed staffing and staff augmentation?

Management. Meaning, along with our staffing partner we manage the selected candidates to identify and address any concerns early on to ensure the project will meet its objectives and be successful.

Want to learn more about managed staffing, or have questions about finding candidates to work on your projects?


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The Right Combination of Skills and Resources