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Coaching for ERP Project 

Managing ERP Projects for Long-term success.

Project managers use the widely recognized Project Management Institute's (PMI) approach to manage projects. We work with you to guide and coach you to establish the most effective approach then provide a roadmap and plan to oversee the execution of your most sensitive technology initiatives and ERP projects. We emphasize communication and leadership skills to deliver results and set up teams for success. 

The PMI Approach

The PMI approach to project management is the most effective way to see your project through from conception to completion. Our experts can help your organization with any project and may include the following 5 stages of project management:


1. Conception and Initiation

Project goals are defined and determined through discussion and feasibility testing. Once the project is accepted the purposes and requirements of the project are outlined in detail.


2. Definition and Planning

A roadmap is created to help guide teams towards specific targets throughout the project. The scope of the project is defined and a comprehensive project plan is developed including variables such as available resources, cost and timelines needed to achieve the project’s goals.


3. Launch or Execution

Deliverables are developed and completed using tools such as: team development, resource assignment, system tracking, project scheduling, and modifications of plans if needed.


4. Performance and Control

Measuring project progression and performance to ensure that all tasks align with the original project plan. We use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine if the project is on track to meet its objectives by measuring efforts, costs and performance and assessing the quality of the deliverables.


5. Project Close

Project managers will tie up the project, and any loose ends such as temporary contractors and identify strengths and weaknesses. A final budget analysis is made to add to the final project report.

The Camasan Difference

Our project managers have more than twenty years of project and real-world business experience providing strategies, and leading projects for major corporations and large international initiatives.


We’ve managed projects of all scopes and sizes and believe in big picture results. This means we focus on the entirety of the organization and how the outcome of each project will impact it as a whole.  This is a vital part of project management that ensures long-term success.

Our project managers use their exceptional leadership and communications skills to help your organization and teams navigate the opportunities, risks and challenges that may arise during a project. Through training and hands-on expertise, we will guide you through your projects to achieve the desired outcome and improve your company’s chances of success.

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Fill out our contact form below. We’d love to discuss how we can help.

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