Nimble, the CRM that Works with Microsoft 365 to Help Your Business Prosper

Managing relationships takes work, in life and in business. Time is needed to reach out and make connections and maintain contacts but time is a luxury not many of us have. That’s where Customer Relationship Management and Nimble comes in.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management is used to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool such as Nimble helps accomplish those goals.

What does a Customer Relationship Management tool do?

A CRM tool gathers data to provide analysis of a company’s customer base. Using data about a customer’s habits and interactions with a company can help a business to improve their existing relationships with customers and learn how to attract new ones. This helps a business to maintain relationships and drive sales growth.

What are the benefits to using Nimble?

Nimble, the simple smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite users, works within your favorite Office 365 apps and can bridge the gaps within your workflows. An effective CRM tool such as Nimble can save time, improve customer services, build viable leads, and improve company performance.

Nimble can provide two-way synchronization, working within your existing Microsoft Office 365 framework to empower teams to make interactions more effective from anywhere.

How can a CRM tool save time?

A CRM tool saves time by compiling customer data into one easy to access relationship manager. A CRM can provide:

  • An up-to-date centrally accessible client base

  • Client-based data that is easily integrated with third-party web services

  • Analytical tools to measure the effectiveness of business teams’ efforts and eliminate those that don’t work

  • Quality Control- a CRM can quickly and precisely identify any interactive issues between employees and clients to improve the quality of service

How do CRM tools improve customer service?

CRM’s improve customer service by using a unified relationship manager to effectively track customer interactions and grow relationships in a more organic way across multiple platforms such as email and social media. It starts with your inbox. By combining Microsoft Outlook with the Nimble Outlook add-in, you have the ability to automatically update customer profiles, tasks, and calendars and synchronize them with your inbox.

CRM’s such as Nimble also improve customer interactions by delivering critical sales intelligence in real time such as:

  • Job titles

  • Phone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Social media handles

  • Updated contact records

  • Automating certain data entry processes

Nimble CRM is especially effective. It can automatically combine your Office 365 contacts, communication histories, email inboxes, and calendar appointments with over 160 SaaS business app contacts and social media connections (from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) into one unified team relationship manager.

How does CRM improve company performance?

Using CRM tools such as Nimble for teams within Office and Microsoft 365 environments enhance company performance and effectiveness through:

  • Improved customer connections and leads to legitimate prospects

  • Improved processes and time saving tools allowing more time to focus on selling

  • Optimization of Internal Processes

  • Integration with Outlook to keep vital contact and deal-related data organized, enabling teams to stay on top of valuable leads and top priorities

  • Managing customers and deals from inbox

  • Syncing team contacts and calendars and prioritizing follow-ups to streamline communication

What are some other benefits to using a CRM tool in your business?

Besides improved company performance and customer relationships as mentioned above, a CRM such as Nimble includes the Nimble Prospector browser extension which works within your browser to provide social and business insights everywhere you work on the web. Gaining insight on potential leads and contacts is pivotal information that helps your business build the right leads for a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Finding customers is the key to building a business, but finding the right customers for your market is the key to success. Nimble delivers contact profiles with the precise information teams need to determine which leads are viable, saving time and improving the chances of growth.

How does a CRM like Nimble, build contacts?

Nimble can instantly build and update contact records with social insights, phone numbers, email addresses, company information, and more within Office 365 without the need to go into a different app and disrupt workflow.

Once you have added a contact to Nimble you can use the Nimble Prospector browser extension to:

  • Create follow-up reminders through tasks

  • Set up meetings through events

  • Track sales opportunities with deals and reports

  • Reference messages and interaction history from any website or social platform

  • Sync emails to your contact’s record

  • Scan upcoming activities associated with a contact

Why you need Nimble

Through your inbox or the web, Nimble delivers enriched contact profiles with essential details to help determine which leads are viable. By working with Microsoft 365 and Office it eliminates the need to search for other applications and allows you to do everything in one place. Connecting with outlook and using the Nimble Prospector browser extension, it automates certain data entry processes, provides social and business insights to save time, improves customer retention and generates growth. If you’re interested in learning how Nimble can improve your customer relationships, and help your business grow we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn about Nimble, or for any of your Microsoft 365 needs.

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