Navigating the new Microsoft 365-New Name, New Functions

Microsoft recently launched Microsoft 365. The new name isn’t that much different from Office 365 but the new software offers improved functions that can drive business forward. Read on to learn why it might be worth embracing this new software.

How is the new Microsoft 365 different from Office 365?

The new Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services which include Office 365 and all it has to offer- cloud based productivity apps such as: Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, and more. This new software offers easy access to all productivity tools through one user friendly platform as well as expanded AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities.

What new features does Microsoft 365 have?

In addition to all the features of Office 365, Microsoft 365 includes:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

  • Microsoft 365 AI-Advanced machine learning

  • Integration with LinkedIn

These new features simplify use and improve employee productivity. Microsoft 365 AI with advanced machine learning and predictive analytics collects data and stores it in one place partnering with cloud-based applications. Evaluating data and patterns help identify strengths and weaknesses.

Is Microsoft 365 worth it?

As existing Office 365 subscriptions maintain full functionality and Microsoft 365 offers additional benefits and the Office 365 features most are familiar with, we feel it’s a worthwhile investment.

We’re here to help...

Every business has unique needs. To find out how Camasan can assist with transitioning to Microsoft 365 or to discuss other IT integrations connect with us.

We’re here to help.


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